Renewable Energy Education Program available in Cumberland

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Renewable Energy Education Program available in Cumberland

The Cumberland Energy Authority, Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) and Parrsbourgh Shore Historical Society have partnered to offer a Renewable Energy Education Program (REEP) aimed at all levels of primary and secondary schools in Cumberland County.REEP offers support for classes to travel to Ottawa House by-the-Sea Museum and the FORCE Visitor Center to see renewable energy applications and projects in Cumberland County.

“This program was intended to support classroom objectives while showcasing the opportunities right here in Cumberland,” said FORCE operating manager Sandra Currie.

The program was designed to complement the curriculum for students in primary through grade 12 as a full-day field trip. Attendees learn with first-hand experiences about the history, geology, environment, and innovative science that is abundant in Parrsboro and Cumberland County.

“Partnering with FORCE to provide such a well-rounded approach to school field trips is an easy decision. Education is such an important driver in environmental stewardship,” added Rennie Bugley, chair of the board of directors of the Cumberland Energy Authority.

The Cumberland Energy Authority is a project of the Municipality of Cumberland, intent on setting the standard of leadership in local government for the development of renewable energy, support of the progressive energy industry, and the encouragement of a sustainable future for our communities.

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