Lenore Zann was elected as MP for Cumberland-Colchester, Nova Scotia in October 2019. Previously, Lenore served for ten years as the MLA for the electoral district of Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River.

Lenore’s previous Government & Caucus roles include: Ministerial Assistant to the Deputy Premier; Deputy House Leader; and Caucus Chair. Standing Committees include: Community Services, Human Resources, Law Amendments, Public Accounts, Resources, & Veterans’ Affairs.

In her role as an Opposition member Lenore was responsible for 11 Critic Portfolios including: Agriculture; Environment & Climate Change; Education & Early Childhood Development; Tourism, Culture & Heritage; Film & TV; Post Secondary Education; Status of Women; Aboriginal Affairs and Truth & Reconciliation; African Nova Scotia Affairs; Gaelic Affairs; and the Human Rights Commission.

Lenore is a tireless advocate for Women including the #MeToo movement, speaking out against domestic and cyber abuse, sexual violence, human trafficking, and continued financial inequality. Named a national spokesperson for the Canadian Association of Mental Illness and Mental Health in 2014, Lenore has become a much-sought after public speaker known for her openness, integrity, and empathy.

She is a well-known champion for Arts & Culture; Education; Green Jobs; Women’s and Indigenous Issues; and all forms of Social, Economic, & Environmental Justice. Her Provincial Private Members Bill #111 entitled An Act to Redress Environmental Racism received wide support and publicity as the first of its kind in North America. Lenore is also an award-winning actor, writer and producer with 33 years of experience in Film, TV, Radio, Animation, and Theatre with a reputation for mentoring a new generation of young artists – for which she received the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Lifetime Award for Service to Community and Country.

A loving daughter, sister, and proud aunt of three teenagers, Lenore lives in Truro with her family and two little dogs Ruby Dee & Aayla Secura.